Saving Energy with Variable Speed Drives

Bigger commercial businesses are always looking for ways to improve their productivity, services, and even client or customer outreach. First of all, saving energy is every business should consider. Variable Frequency Drives are durable enough to be used in both commercial and industrial applications. It is designed with the Lapp Surge Guard insulation system which includes a semi conductive layer made to withstand nonlinear power distortions. The VFD also disperses increases in voltage caused by wave reflection, spikes, in-rush current, and harmonics. The specific material used in the surge guard helps to prevent both conductor and cable failure which helps to cut out downtime.

Choosing to use a variable frequency drive from our company also comes with a myriad of benefits. Firstly, we will provide customers and potential customers with energy cost comparisons, so their customers know exactly what to expect. We advertise the return on investment for those who use a variable frequency drive range from six months to two years. Users of our products and services can also expect less wear and tear on their current equipment, which means additional money saved, and using variable frequency drives or variable speed drives is a fantastic option to consider for those who want an option that is more environmentally friendly.

VFDs also have some other uses. VFD cords are intended to be used in drive and motor applications, web presses, HVAC, conveyors, and in any on/off, slow down/speed up applications. These VFD cords have been proven over the years to take care of any motor-to-drive connection issues, plus they can help to save energy. VFD cables can be used both in the industrial environment as well as the commercial environment. We can offer you the best variable frequency drives. Make sure that as a consumer you trust the retailer or that you are going through a manufacturer approved retailer. Welcome to cooperate with us.


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