Variable Speed Drives – Saving Energy, Money and the Environment

For any business, reducing the amount of energy it uses is of significant importance, in both financial and environmental terms. Installing an AC or Variable Speed Drives to motor-driven systems offers these essential savings with the benefit of being a quick and simple task, even in retrofit applications. We are proud and active suppliers of a full range of variable speed drives and control gear. We offer a carefully-maintained fleet of AC speed drives, control gear, soft starters and DC brakes for sale or hire, all at the most competitive price. Whether short- or long-term, our team will work closely with your company’s individual requirements to ensure the ideal, bespoke solution.

A major user of energy in process systems, motors are generally equipped to run at a fixed speed, regardless of the requirements of each individual process. By installing a variable speed drive, as the name suggests, this fixed speed can be made variable, allowing the motor to drive a pump or fan at an appropriate rate. Motor speed and energy use are related exponentially, which means that a speed reduction of just 20% can effectively halve power usage, representing a significant saving in a relatively short period of time.

Our team are here to help your business at every step, providing equipment of superlative quality combined with complete, professional customer service. This includes help with energy saving calculations, free audits and site surveys, Carbon Trust loan applications, full turnkey solutions, motor management guidance and a comprehensive aftercare package. AC and variable speed drives are specified Energy Saving Technologies and, as such, qualify under the Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme. This allows a business to completely write off the cost of equipment against its taxable profits in the year the equipment is purchased, offering 100% tax relief. Finance is available from The Carbon Trust, who help businesses to fund the cost of energy-saving equipment such as variable speed drives with an interest-free loan of between 5,000 and 100,000, the payment of which can be offset against energy savings.

We are so sure that our drives can save your business money that we offer a unique ‘Try Before You Buy’ service, allowing you to hire a variable speed drive that will prove the energy and cost savings before a purchasing decision is made.


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