What Are Variable Frequency Drives?

Energy plays a very important role in industry , Industries could be classified into heavy energy consumer , medium energy consumer and low energy consumer . Organization have started doing energy audits in their plants , offices etc .Such studies has highlighted waste of energy and requirement of energy efficient technology. Variable Frequency Drives(VFD’s) are electronic motor drives that allow the user to control the rotational speed of alternating current electric motors. VFD’s control the motor by varying the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor. And a Variable Frequency Drive can save much energy.

VFD’s actually have many different names. They are known as variable frequency drives, adjustable frequency drive, variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, frequency drive, A C drive, microdrive or inverter drive. Since the voltage can be varied along with frequency, these electronic motor drives are sometimes called Variable Voltage Variable Frequency drives.

Variable Frequency Drives help save energy and very useful in electronic devices. Now let me tell you that how variable frequency drives do this. It works like a switch in electronic equipments that ultimately control the voltage or frequency of electronic equipment’s output power. Are you still confused? Let me explain you how it functions? Generally, without frequency drive when induction motors draw many times when initially it comes in contact with heavy voltage at the time of starting device. At the time when the load of the device increases the torque drop and rise to pick a speed and then device reaches the full speed with acceleration where as during this process, current remains high. However, with it the action is totally opposite. When it is used in a motor and when it starts, it asserts very low application voltage and frequency which lead to minimum inflow of current.

Most people need a little help when it comes to searching for, selecting and purchasing a VFD. There are so many different attributes to consider, it can be overwhelming. We offer you the best variable frequency drives,for more information visit www.invt.com.


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