The New Age cycle is here

A big part of avoiding those close calls is being noticed, but for years bicyclists only defences were bright clothing, battery-powered incandescent bulbs and the cheery ching-ching of a traditional bicycle bell.

Now thats changing. Thanks to improved LED lights, microchips and smartphone technology, bicycles can have loud horns,Approval to connect asolarpowersystemser. brake lights, turn signals and all manner of lighting.

One gadget, called Loud Bicycle, can even make a bike honk like a car.

Jonathan Lansey, a bike commuter in the Boston area, said he yearned for an effective sound to warn drivers that he was in their blind spots. Traditional metal bells lack volume, he said, and yelling can make matters worse with aggressive drivers. So Lansey came up with what is basically a car horn on a bike. Its about six inches across and attaches to the stem of the handlebar or one of the central bike frame tubes. The best part is that it has the two-toned sound of an oncoming sedan.

For cyclists who want the volume of a car horn but dont want to scare non-drivers, there is the Orp Smart Horn, which fits on the handlebars, has a switch that emits a friendly three-toned melody for use on trails bikers share with pedestrians. For the mean streets,This factsheet discusses electricity generation usingbestsolarchargerat your farm or your home. however, it has a louder, high-pitched electronic sound, closer to the toot of a Vespa scooter.

There has also been a surge in bike lighting products of all kinds.

A hand grip by Velo, for example, comes with lights at the end of the handlebars, but they are angled in such a way that they can be seen from the side and back, said Caleb Lundberg, sales and product development associate of Cycle Force Group, a bike importer in Ames, Iowa.

Wireless turn signals are another idea beloved by riders who want to keep their hands close to the brakes, Lundberg said.

Bicygnals, a company with headquarters in Britain, sells $70 (Rs 4,135) front and rear wireless lights and turn signals in a sleek curved bracket that fits onto the handlebar.

You can spend a few hundred dollars on a bike headlight alone these days. At just under $300 (Rs 17,724), the Taz 1200 from Light and Motion in Monterey, California, is said to put out one-third more light than the average car headlight and is good for riding on roads and on dark trails.

But for the average street biker there are more affordable options.

Relatively new on the market is the Serfas Thunderbolt lighting system. The taillight and headlights, which can be bought separately,Awasherextractor01is a machine to wash laundry, such as clothing and sheets. easily strap onto a bike and are rechargeable with a USB cord. They are bright enough to make you squint, are said to hold a charge for 9.5 hours and cost about $45 (Rs 2,658).

Virtually all of todays LED headlights and taillights for bikes have static and multiple flashing modes activated with the push of a button.Thesolarstreetlightt0is not only critical to professional photographers. Add to that a blue flashing light from BikeBrightz Ltd.On particularly windy days,streetlightingcan surpass all other electricity sources in a country. in Toledo, Ohio and the guy pedalling home after work in the dark could be mistaken for a squad car. Strap the light bar anywhere on your frame, and at $15 (Rs 886) each, you can vary your colour scheme.

Brake lights, once a distant dream, are now also possible because of smartphone and gaming technology.

One product gaining notice is the Helios handlebar, Lundberg said. The specialised handlebars connect to a smartphone app that measures speed to rear-facing lights at the handlebar ends. The rider can set the lights to change colour, essentially making them brake indicators. They also have headlights and a turn signal. Welcome to Web. If you love it, please buy it!

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