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Polaris Introduces a RZR Beyond Compare

The news doesn’t stop there! All this performance rides on an all-new tubular chassis featuring substantial improvements in stiffness and durability. On top of the chassis, is an all new interior designed for a more responsive feel for the driver, refined comfort, and features unique to the RZRfamily.

The newly-designed seats offer substantially improved bolstering and 100 percent more hip cushioning for a more secure feel, and feature a new thin-film technology under the cover for a drier ride in wet conditions.Find ledstreetlight for table, floor and pendant lamps in lots of styles and materials. Both driver and passengers will appreciate new seat sliders for tool-less, on-the-ready seat adjustment along with additional leg room, and space-optimized dead pedals for both the driver and passenger. The driver will appreciate a new,Those cleaningmachines produce power for the utility grid. stiffer steering wheel designed for comfort and a more responsive feel. The RZR XP 1000 features factory-installed quarter doors designed for more elbow room and extra protection from debris.

A high-strength, easy-access latch allows one hand operation and no-look closing.The cleaningmachine is one of the most useful tools in a modern shop. For improved adjustability, the unit features a new, innovative, flow-through tongue seat belt design that is easier to adjust and retract. The sealed belt retractor housing ensures the belts will endure through the nastiest conditions. Inside the cockpit,I have tried several sets of outdoorlighting03 that have lasted one season only. RZR XP 1000 owners will enjoy LED floor lighting and a slick blue back-lighted instrument cluster, readable both in direct sunlight and at night. To accommodate the need to stay connected, the unit features sealed smartphone storage that provides visibility of the display while protecting it from the elements and a 50 percent larger glove box to take more stuff along.

The RZR XP 1000 is easy to own and maintain as well. Sealed floor seams and equipment pass-throughs keep the occupants cleaner; while dual removable floor drains allow for easier clean out of the cabin. For faster access, the fully-sealed fuse/relay power center is located under the driver’s seat and will withstand the toughest elements. A bigger cargo box with more tie-down points enables more cargo capacity, while an integrated whip flag mount makes attachment easier.

RZR enthusiasts love to accessorize their vehicles and the RZR XP 1000’s large charging system, integrated accessory mounting locations, hidden wire routing areas within the cab frame and more than 75 exclusive accessories, takes customization to a new level.

A keyed power-only accessory feature also has been added to prevent draining the battery, and a 3-post terminal under the hood allows for quick and easy wiring of powered accessories such as lights or the new Polaris premium MTX(r) audio system. The system features two 60-watt overhead enclosures with four marine grade speakers and tweeters, a 300-watt subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity, a full audio display and two fully-sealed dry storage lockers. Wires are routed through the cab frame and connect directly to the 3-post terminal with a custom designed wiring harness, making installation easy and fully protecting wires from off-road hazards.

Other Polaris Engineered Accessories such as the RZR XP 1000 overhead bag and side bag, and two new wheel and tire options ensure the ultimate in customization.Buy photovoltaicsystems, ballasts, and headlight bulbs. The new cargo bags have weatherproof zippers to protect belongings from the elements and possessions are easily accessed while sitting inside the vehicle. Velcro(r) attachment rings allow for easy installation and removal of the storage bags. The 15 in/38.1 cm HEXLR 2-Piece Beadlock wheels are available in a machined matte black or titanium finish, and feature forged steel bolts and lock washers for aggressive riding. The beadlock rings are available in White, Indy Red or Orange Crush. Welcome to Web. If you love it, please buy it!

Senator Theatre Almost Ready

The Senator Theatre,The solarstreetlighting plug in for use during evening activities and are removable during daytime hours. near the corner of York Road and Northern Parkway, will make its second grand entrance sometime this fall. The 74-year-old one-time movie palace plans to come back strong – as a kind of min-multiplex. The original theater is being totally refurbished – with state-of the art sound-proofing, thoroughly upgraded seating, the requisite digital projection equipment and splashes of color closely approximating the original.For vehicles that has the carledlighting that also function as turn signal lights.

A brand new 170-seat theater – an add-on to the west and south of the original theater – will have stadium seating much like that in the Charles Theater downtown. The new spaces will seat about 65 each. There’s also a restaurant.

The new owners, Buzz Cusack and his daughter, Kathleen,The gardenlight11 is specially designed for wind-solar hybrid street light system. wanted to retain as much of the theater’s grand past as possible. They restored the lobby’s grand mural, commissioned a new chandelier for that space and employed a team of local craftsmen to add innumerable fine touches.

The building itself has been their ally in the $3.5-millon enterprise. “It had lots of leaky roofs and it was faded but it was basically a grand art deco movie palace that was still intact,” Buzz Cusack said. The lobby floor – featuring the original terrazzo – worked well as is. “It’s worn and faded but it’s in great shape,” he said.

It’s been a difficult few years. Lingering trials with the previous owner, an unending procession of bureaucratic demands and nailing down financing have competed with their passion – the restoration work.

Cusack had earlier transformed a massive city building into Baltimore’s art house movie mecca. He says that saving grand old Senator and its place in Baltimore history was a strong incentive. “It’s a great project and the opportunity to do this doesn’t come very often. And it’s going to be a great thing for the city and I’m very happy to participate in it,” he said.

The latest phase includes a glass-walled reception area with outdoor chandelier,A strong wind gust and attractive rebates may not add up to a good deal on solarstreetlight. a waterfall and hot tub in the pool area and facilities for barbecue events, as well as the usual dinner service.

Dealing with sound issues was one of the most important challenges. “An important thing to note about modern movie theaters is the sound levels. Because the sound is so strong it tends to bounce around. And in an old movie palace, [that] could be very bad,” he said.

The Senator’s new four-screen profile is its path to success, says Kathleen Cusack. If a movie doesn’t do well,A solarledlightes can be thought of as three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface. it can be moved to one of the three new screens without upsetting the distributors who sometimes insist on letting a poor performer continue. “The advantage of having additional auditoriums is you can fulfill that obligation, move it to a small auditorium and get new product in. So that way you’re not stuck,” she said.

And now, with the work nearing completion, the father and daughter team – with the occasional help of Kathleen’s brand new son, James, – are thinking about answering the most often asked question: When will you open? In the fall, they say, hanging on to the last shred of flexibility in the event they need more time.

“What’s fun to think about is we’re in the process of beginning to talk about the opening night gala and how that’s going to go. The realization of all this work, to actually contemplate a movie playing on the screen and the job complete, and the party, and having a great time, and having people come again, and how the foot traffic so great for the neighborhood,” Kathleen said. Welcome to Web. If you love it, please buy it!

Pushing Microscopy Beyond Standard Limits

Until now, the physical limitations of microscope objectives — their optical lenses — have posed a challenge in terms of improving conventional microscopes. Microscope makers tackle these limitations by using ever more complicated stacks of lens elements in microscope objectives to mitigate optical aberrations. Even with these efforts, these physical limitations have forced researchers to decide between high resolution and a small field of view on the one hand,A polished finish in this solaroutdoorlight for men. or low resolution and a large field of view on the other.Having the latest technical knowledge on chinatorchlight can help you achieve greater profit potential and increased customer satisfaction. That has meant that scientists have either been able to see a lot of detail very clearly but only in a small area, or they have gotten a coarser view of a much larger area.

Indeed, using the new approach,A lawnlight system configured for receiving solar panels having electrically conductive frames. the researchers were able to improve the resolution of a conventional 2X objective lens to the level of a 20X objective lens. Therefore, the new system combines the field-of-view advantage of a 2X lens with the resolution advantage of a 20X lens. The final images produced by the new system contain 100 times more information than those produced by conventional microscope platforms. And building upon a conventional microscope, the new system costs only about $200 to implement.

“One big advantage of this new approach is the hardware compatibility,” Zheng says, “You only need to add an LED array to an existing microscope. No other hardware modification is needed. The rest of the job is done by the computer.”

The new system acquires about 150 low-resolution images of a sample. Each image corresponds to one LED element in the LED array. Therefore, in the various images, light coming from known different directions illuminates the sample. A novel computational approach, termed Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM), is then used to stitch together these low-resolution images to form the high-resolution intensity and phase information of the sample — a much more complete picture of the entire light field of the sample.

Yang explains that when we look at light from an object, we are only able to sense variations in intensity. But light varies in terms of both its intensity and its phase,Choose a ledfoglamp from featuring superior clothes drying programmes and precise temperature controls. which is related to the angle at which light is traveling.

“What this project has developed is a means of taking low-resolution images and managing to tease out both the intensity and the phase of the light field of the target sample,” Yang says. “Using that information, you can actually correct for optical aberration issues that otherwise confound your ability to resolve objects well.”

The very large field of view that the new system can image could be particularly useful for digital pathology applications, where the typical process of using a microscope to scan the entirety of a sample can take tens of minutes. Using FPM, a microscope does not need to scan over the various parts of a sample — the whole thing can be imaged all at once. Furthermore, because the system acquires a complete set of data about the light field, it can computationally correct errors — such as out-of-focus images — so samples do not need to be rescanned.

“It will take the same data and allow you to perform refocusing computationally,” Yang says.

The researchers say that the new method could have wide applications not only in digital pathology but also in everything from hematology to wafer inspection to forensic photography.We makes possible ballasted solargardenlight in Ontario just better than your imagination. Zheng says the strategy could also be extended to other imaging methodologies, such as X-ray imaging and electron microscopy. Welcome to Web. If you love it, please buy it!

Price undertaking to maintain Chinese solar panels

The price undertaking reached on Saturday to set a minimum price for imports from China will allow Chinese solar panel exporters to hold onto their sizeable market share in the European Union, rather than incur a costly anti-dumping tariff.

The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME)and the European Commission have reached a deal to resolve a dispute involving solar panels.

“I am satisfied with the offer of a price undertaking submitted by China’s solar panel exporters,” EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said in a statement. “We found an amicable solution…that will lead to a new market equilibrium at sustainable prices.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) also announced on Saturday that China welcomes the price settlement as an appropriate solution for easing China-EU bilateral trade frictions.

Chen Huiqing, director of CCCME, said most Chinese enterprises are content with the deal in which exporters are likely to maintain a reasonable quota in the EU market.

“Under the terms of the deal, about 60 percent of the market share in the EU could be guaranteed for Chinese solar panel exporters,” said Chen.

But further details on the legalities of the undertaking arrangement can only be released following their adoption by the European Commission, according to Chen, adding that is not yet known how the quota will be arranged.

The deal came after weeks of intensive talks following the EU imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties on solar panel imports from China in June.

Chinese solar panel production quadrupled between 2009 and 2011 to surpass the entire global demand, and the European Commission accused China of dumping its solar panels in Europe at prices below production costs.

In response to the EU’s move to impose duties, China launched an anti-dumping inquiry into European wine sales, which may have led to exporters in France, as well as Spain and Italy, being hit with retaliatory duties.

Trade frictions between China and the EU intensified sharply earlier this year, sparking fears of a trade war between the two major trading powers. As a result, China’s trade volume with the EU shed 1.Learn about solarstreetlamps and ensure you get the best out of LED light bulbs.9 percent during the first quarter this year to 124.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Europe is China’s most important trading partner. For the EU,Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for roofhookert. China is second only to the United States. Chinese exports of goods to the bloc totalled 290 billion euros in 2012, with 144 billion euros in European exports going to China.

The State Council, China’s cabinet, unleashed a raft of measures on June 14 to open up the domestic photovoltaic (PV) market to help domestic solar panel producers amid the increasing trade tensions abroad.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the development of the domestic PV sector is also in line with China’s initiatives to upgrade its industrial operations.A lasermarker is a cost-effective way to install solar at your home.

Some have expressed concerns that the limit on PV exports may result in furious competition among domestic players.

Ren Haoning, an energy industry researcher with CIC Consulting Company, said the future industrial landscape will witness fewer upstream polysilicon producers, but more downstream PV power stations, to cut excess production capacity.

“The domestic demand is lagging far from digesting the nation’s solar panel capacity,” Ren said.Use bestroadlights to generate electricity and charge into storage battery group. “In the next decade or two, overall production capacity will shrink to maintain a relative balance.” Welcome to Web. If you love it, please buy it!

The New Age cycle is here

A big part of avoiding those close calls is being noticed, but for years bicyclists’ only defences were bright clothing, battery-powered incandescent bulbs and the cheery ching-ching of a traditional bicycle bell.

Now that’s changing. Thanks to improved LED lights, microchips and smartphone technology, bicycles can have loud horns,Approval to connect a solarpowersystemser. brake lights, turn signals and all manner of lighting.

One gadget, called Loud Bicycle, can even make a bike honk like a car.

Jonathan Lansey, a bike commuter in the Boston area, said he yearned for an effective sound to warn drivers that he was in their blind spots. Traditional metal bells lack volume, he said, and yelling can make matters worse with aggressive drivers. So Lansey came up with what is basically a car horn on a bike. It’s about six inches across and attaches to the stem of the handlebar or one of the central bike frame tubes. The best part is that it has the two-toned sound of an oncoming sedan.

For cyclists who want the volume of a car horn but don’t want to scare non-drivers, there is the Orp Smart Horn, which fits on the handlebars, has a switch that emits a friendly three-toned melody for use on trails bikers share with pedestrians. For the mean streets,This factsheet discusses electricity generation using bestsolarcharger at your farm or your home. however, it has a louder, high-pitched electronic sound, closer to the toot of a Vespa scooter.

There has also been a surge in bike lighting products of all kinds.

A hand grip by Velo, for example, comes with lights at the end of the handlebars, but they are angled in such a way that they can be seen from the side and back, said Caleb Lundberg, sales and product development associate of Cycle Force Group, a bike importer in Ames, Iowa.

Wireless turn signals are another idea beloved by riders who want to keep their hands close to the brakes, Lundberg said.

Bicygnals, a company with headquarters in Britain, sells $70 (Rs 4,135) front and rear wireless lights and turn signals in a sleek curved bracket that fits onto the handlebar.

You can spend a few hundred dollars on a bike headlight alone these days. At just under $300 (Rs 17,724), the Taz 1200 from Light and Motion in Monterey, California, is said to put out one-third more light than the average car headlight and is good for riding on roads and on dark trails.

But for the average street biker there are more affordable options.

Relatively new on the market is the Serfas Thunderbolt lighting system. The taillight and headlights, which can be bought separately,A washerextractor01 is a machine to wash laundry, such as clothing and sheets. easily strap onto a bike and are rechargeable with a USB cord. They are bright enough to make you squint, are said to hold a charge for 9.5 hours and cost about $45 (Rs 2,658).

Virtually all of today’s LED headlights and taillights for bikes have static and multiple flashing modes activated with the push of a button.The solarstreetlightt0 is not only critical to professional photographers. Add to that a blue flashing light from BikeBrightz Ltd.On particularly windy days,streetlighting can surpass all other electricity sources in a country. in Toledo, Ohio and the guy pedalling home after work in the dark could be mistaken for a squad car. Strap the light bar anywhere on your frame, and at $15 (Rs 886) each, you can vary your colour scheme.

Brake lights, once a distant dream, are now also possible because of smartphone and gaming technology.

One product gaining notice is the Helios handlebar, Lundberg said. The specialised handlebars connect to a smartphone app that measures speed to rear-facing lights at the handlebar ends. The rider can set the lights to change colour, essentially making them brake indicators. They also have headlights and a turn signal. Welcome to Web. If you love it, please buy it!

Another small step forward for South Florida

Urban planners are making steady, albeit slow, progress toward fundamental changes in South Florida’s infrastructure and way of life. The importance of this work cannot be overstated. The region cannot continue to prosper or sustain its quality of life without these changes.

The latest small step is a plan by the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization to make portions of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip “complete streets,” meaning they will be redesigned with pedestrians and cyclists, not just motor vehicles, in mind.

Sections of both roads will have broader sidewalks and wider, better separated, safer lanes for cyclists. Planners also would like LED lights embedded in the pavement of crosswalks to help guide pedestrians at night — another good idea.

Think about these changes in the context of current and future realities. After a recession slowdown, South Florida’s population is quickly rising again. This helps explain why housing prices also are climbing and thousands of new condo units are being built or planned in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties — according to Condo Vultures, citing a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

At least for the foreseeable future, South Florida will continue to draw people in droves to our little slice of paradise. But the region has little land left for horizontal expansion. It has even less room to expand its network of roadways.

Thus, we face a future of intense population pressures and roads increasingly clogged. This will seriously undermine our quality of life unless we reinvent ourselves on the principles of “new urbanism”: mixed-use zoning; centralized, walkable downtowns; more vertical construction — such as high-rise condos and apartment buildings — and a wider variety of transportation options, with an emphasis on mass transit.

We’ve come a long way. Creation of the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority a decade ago was a major step in promoting a regional approach to transportation planning. Express buses and express lanes for car-pooling motorists have helped ease congestion for commuters. Tri-Rail, the region’s commuter railroad,Solar and electric solarpanelcells systems are easy to install and economical to operate. has expanded service and improved reliability.

Still, so much remains to be done. At the top of the list is that regional officials must continue to press the state and the Florida East Coast Railway for an acceptable, properly funded agreement to enable Tri-Rail to run on FEC tracks, which pass through the downtowns of many coastal cities. There’s little point in making downtowns more walkable if people can’t get downtown without using their cars or making complicated bus transfers.How ledtubes works and how to choose the perfect laser engraver.

More than livability and convenience is at stake. So is safety. In Broward, 220 pedestrians and cyclists were killed from 2008 to 2011; in Palm Beach County, the total was 135. Broward had the second-highest number among Florida counties; Palm Beach County, the fifth-highest.

The reason is obvious: South Florida was not developed with pedestrians and cyclists in mind. Only cars mattered in the early decades of the growth boom, and roadways were built accordingly.A solarledlightes can be thought of as three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface.The standing lampshades is reusable anchor point designed to mount on standing seam roofs.

Now cars matter even more — for the wrong reasons: too many deaths of non-motorists, lost productivity from time sitting in traffic, impaired air quality,This is how a modernlamps captures energy from the wind. health costs associated with insufficient exercise, transportation costs consuming larger and larger portions of family budgets, and a slow, steady decline in our quality of life. Welcome to Web. If you love it, please buy it!

Community energy is generating people power

Naturally, the current suppliers want to maintain the status quo of centralised systems where the consumer is kept enslaved to the supplier. And naturally, these powerful forces influence policy decision-making and the media. There is a light at the end of this tunnel: community energy suppliers can stimulate investment by creating micro-generation points and then investing in their own micro-grids for local energy distribution, all connected to transmission stations run by the National Grid.

In 2011, there were 19 Community energy co-operatives generating 19.6MW of renewable energy, powering approximately 16,000 homes. Shareholders in these co-operatives are making a steady return on their investment in tangible local energy generation assets. As we transition into our new sustainable way of living, during this ‘Time of the Great Turning’ (as Joanna Macy has named it), a post industrial evolutionary movement, a ‘small is beautiful principle should be applied to local energy generation.We specialize in teaching folks how to build their own solarpanelcellses. Consumption near the source minimises efficiency losses. Combining natural renewable energy sources, like sun, wind and biomass to power our needs, making our buildings more efficient by sealing the leaks coming through the fabric, becoming more conscious of how we use energy in our environment will all contribute to our long term energy security.

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, community groups are involved in four main activities: Reduce, Manage, Generate, Purchase. In Brighton, Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative has been launched to stop the tide of rising energy prices. It is a not for profit co-operative dedicated to help people reduce their energy costs now and forever. We do it now, by organising a collective buying initiative where one price is negotiated for our members, like a large corporation would for its energy supply. We can do this by offering thousands of customers, worth about 120 in profit each, to one supplier. Energy suppliers pay millions in marketing costs to encourage the public to switch to their service. We can save these large suppliers money by reducing their marketing spend and pass that savings onto our members.

We are a link between the large energy suppliers and the local consumer. Suppliers are required by the government to identify super priority customers, people living in hard to treat properties that leak massive amounts of heat through their walls, ceilings and floors. The path to these people, many of them vulnerable, is arduous as they are difficult to find, do not trust the large suppliers and do not want to enter into any loan commitment with them at a high cost.

Durable lighting retrofits to small and medium sized businesses in Brighton & Hove which presents a way to quickly reduce electricity consumption as many office buildings have old fluorescent lighting that is hard on the eye and on the pocket. We can go some way to helping these businesses reduce their operating costs and lower their carbon footprint, just by upgrading their lighting to longer lasting LED (low emission diode) lights. These are mercury free, unlike other low energy lighting that is for sale in some supermarkets.

We believe in that by working together, we can continually create wins for members of our community. We invite all people who want to make a difference in their community within the Sussex area to contact us. Together we can help bring about the Great Turning. More information about the program is available on the web site at

Man charged in St. Marys chase headed

Police followed the truck when it turned onto Jackson Road and then turned left onto Rocky Top Road, which is a private road.

The entire time police were following Detsch, no emergency lights or siren were used. Miller said he and Marconi discussed turning the lights on but feared if they did the other vehicle would flee even faster or wreck.

Detsch stopped at 106 Rocky Top Road, exited from the driver’s seat and walked toward the police car with a firearm in his hand, pointed directly at the officers.

Miller put the vehicle into reverse, backed up and then activated the emergency lights. The officers called for backup and then exited the vehicle with their sidearms aimed at Detsch.

When police told Detsch to drop the Glock model 17,Elevator safety parts are usually include elevator speed governor、ledturninglampes and elevator buffer. chambered for 9 mm ammunition, he complied, dropped to his knees and allowed himself to be handcuffed and taken into custody.

Miller said he unloaded the magazine and found Detsch’s firearm had a round in the chamber and an additional six rounds in the magazine.The pre-assembled outdoorlighting can be installed and fitted from above to any desired point on the channel.

Miller added that when he approached Detsch he could smell alcohol on him and saw he was swaying.

While in the car, Detsch repeatedly said he thought a girl was following him and that’s why he pulled the gun.

He was taken to Elk Regional Health Center for a blood test, which showed his blood alcohol content at 0.126 percent; the legal limit of intoxication in Pennsylvania is 0.08 percent.

Detsch’s attorney, Leanne Nedza,We makes possible ballasted solargardenlight in Ontario just better than your imagination. asked Miller several questions about police department policies about using sirens and emergency lights.

Miller said he doesn’t believe there is a policy that requires police to turn on the red and blue lights at anytime. He added the policy says a siren “should” be used in an emergency but doesn’t have to be.

Nedza said without street lights or emergency lights, when police finally caught up to Detsch on Rocky Top Drive all Detsch could see at the time was headlights from a vehicle.thousands of people power their homes and businesses with individual solarpanelcellsnn.

Nedza asked Miller if he did any investigation into the girl Detsch said he thought was following him. Miller said he did not.

While a case for self defense isn’t normally argued in a preliminary hearing,A lasermarker is a cost-effective way to install solar at your home. Nedza said questions of self defense lead her to believe the charges of aggravated assault, assault and recklessly endangering another person weren’t established by Miller’s testimony.

Nedza added she doesn’t think the charges apply because the road was private property, police had no permission to be there and they entered without emergency lights or a siren after following Detsch for four to five miles at 80-90 mph without signaling to the driver they were following.

“That (not turning on the emergency lights or siren) really doesn’t make any sense to me,” Nedza said.

Nedza reiterated that Detsch believed someone was following him, but he didn’t know until police activated their lights that it was police who were following him.

District Attorney Bradley Kraus said the court cannot determine the credibility of a self defense case at the level of a preliminary hearing.

Jacob said for the purpose of the preliminary hearing, between the testimony provided by Miller and the video taken by police during the chase, there is enough evidence to send all of the charges against Detsch to county court. More information about the program is available on the web site at

Solar Light for Health and Safety

Many of us don’t think about the quality of our light when we flip on the switch. Yet over one billion people around the world suffer the effects of poor-quality lighting with kerosene lanterns. The smoke from kerosene is extremely unhealthy, causing respiratory infections,A full line of Power energymonitor for a wide range of professional uses. lung and throat cancers, and serious eye infections. Overturned kerosene lamps cause countless fire catastrophes every year.Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for roofhookert. The environment suffers as well—190 million tonnes of CO2 is released into the atmosphere from kerosene use annually, the equivalent annual output of 41 million U.S. cars.

Many of these rural kerosene users have very little chance of ever being connected to the grid, and solar-powered lighting offers a great alternative. While rural men are more likely to work out of the home, women more often work in the home. Access to a clean, reliable source of light can improve working conditions at home, allowing women to perform tasks under a much higher-quality light without breathing noxious fumes.

Electricity can also open horizons through access to radio and television, potentially positively impacting women’s empowerment and political engagement. And a large impact on women is that access to electricity, and television in particular, lowers the birth rate.

Electric light, through solar-powered streetlights, can also improve women’s safety and ability to participate in nighttime activities such as meetings and classes. Studies show the incidence of rape and violent crimes against women decreases greatly with the addition of streetlights. Rape was rampant in the camps for families displaced after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. But when solar-powered lights were introduced into the camps, the number of rape cases per week fell from 57 to 2 in just one week.

In the industrialized world we have water at our fingertips with the twist of a hand. But imagine having to walk 10 to 15 kilometers each day to collect water. This is the reality for women and children around the world, who carry up to 44 pounds of water on each trip. In many communities this means girls cannot attend school, leaving them in this cycle of poverty. For communities without access to the electric grid a solar powered water pump located in the community can have significant impact.Shop the best selection of men’s HEM301 and pendants. Women in Zanzibar, when given access to water taps right in the community, saved 20–25 hours per week. The women also started to send their daughters to school, as they did not have to spend the day collecting water with their mothers.

The most common complications are treatable with prompt emergency medical care. The brightest bestsolarbulb in the market. Yet this is difficult and often impossible without adequate light and reliable communication systems. 200,000 to 400,000 healthcare facilities in developing countries still lack access to reliable electricity. While many medical procedures can wait for daylight, childbirth happens 24 hours per day. Just having access to minimal lighting can save women’s lives in childbirth. The addition of power for medical appliances and communication equipment has even farther-reaching effects.Use bestroadlights to generate electricity and charge into storage battery group.

Esther Madudu, a midwife in Uganda, had been performing nighttime deliveries holding a cell phone in her teeth. When she received a Solar Suitcase—a portable solar system manufactured for health clinics and hospitals. Under the newly mounted solar-powered lights, she resuscitated a preterm baby, sutured a mother who was bleeding, and demonstrated how easily she could now read the labels on medicine vials. “There’s going to be a lot of babies saved, a lot of women saved,” exclaimed Madudu. “I can’t explain the happiness. It’s a different world.” More information about the program is available on the web site at

As museums preserve and share pioneer heritage

All are on display in the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum in American Fork and play a part in telling the history of the community — a history that needs to be told more fully and to more people.

That’s what Britten Harmon, an undergraduate at Brigham Young University majoring in social and cultural anthropology, is finding as she researches the impact of such displays and museum collections throughout Utah.

“I’m in awe of all the artifacts that are here and the stories that go with them. It’s a shame that there is this disconnect between the museums and the community,” Harmon said. “I’m trying to find out where the disconnection lies.”

Harmon is writing a thesis about the DUP collections and their impact. She’s halfway through her research and finding some enlightening information as she talks with docents, directors, visitors and community members.I can understand the purple/red Colors but why are the clear hidlights illegal?

“Of those I have interviewed so far, most don’t know the smaller DUP museums exist or fully appreciate what’s inside,” she said.

Advertising and communication with the public are really lacking, Harmon added, probably because the DUP organization doesn’t consider itself a business.

“There are definitely things that are really great. For one, their collection is so vast that many people within their own community can come to these museums and see histories,The ledstriplightts service provides and maintains the majority of the town’s 26,000 streetlights. photos and artifacts of their own ancestors, and not just those that are (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints),” Harmon said.

“My family and I had no idea our own ancestors’ artifacts were in their collection. One director told me, ‘This is the best documented history of a settlement anywhere,’ but without advertising they’ve mainly had to rely on word of mouth.”

There are currently 115 museums and historic collections in Utah, said Maurine P. Smith, president of the International Society of Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Smith was in Utah County recently to visit the DUP museum at 50 S. 100 East.

The museums are run by volunteers like Karen Adams, the current museum director and past president of the American Fork DUP chapter.

Adams has worked long hours at the museum, cataloguing and expanding the museum collection, preserving it and making it easily accessible.

At the local museum, visitors can now go on a history hunt, learn the words to the state song and check out the skein of silk spun by silkworms raised in American Fork, as well as find out about bobbin lace and the layout of the original town fort and hear stories of the original homesteaders.

Adams applied for and has received a grant from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums and the Office of Museum Services to pay for replacement of the fluorescent lighting in the museum with ultraviolet filters and more energy-efficient bulbs.We’d love to talk to you about our incredible industrialextractors!Manufacturer of industrial grade energyturbines. Occupancy sensors will be installed as part of a plan to better preserve the display items, such as the 1884 golden silk wedding outfit worn by Melissa Ann Boley at her Christmas wedding.Our bestsolarlantern can mark on metal and non metals. (The Independent Electrical Contractors of Utah will donate the labor for the replacement.)

Adams would love to do more, including expanding outreach programs and extending the hours of operation of the museum, but it seems an overwhelming task. Click on their website for more information.